Take a chill pill and restart

There are a fee things that you learn only after experience some rough realities. I have realised that being emotional ultimately does not works for you. Because by being emotional you give power to your emotions to affect the balance of your mind.

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Day#10 What it takes to dream…

Did 3 reps of everything. My goal is clear. I must work in that direction.

Presently, i’m chasing my dream. Actually I never aspired to do what i’m doing right now i.e. PhD. it was just part of the journey I had chosen to take. Part of what I aspired to be: a life long researcher. And opting for a doctoral degree was a part of it. So it was a conscious decision of mine to do it no matter what. As it happens, i’m 31 and still pursuing the degree. At this moment, i’m afraid that it will delay my motherhood. In fact, this fear is the base of my anxiety. And I want to overcome it. I cannot really discuss it with anyone because it seems that instead of finding solace, i’ll be only hear to hurry up. And it will only increase my anxiety. So, I better calm down and work out on a plan with a tension free mind. Because anxiety will only spoil the things – my enjoyment of working on my thesis and my enjoyment in conceiving.

So I better relieve all the tension i’m carrying like a burden in my heart. And be fearless.

Day#9 (2 days’ gap) Identifying problems

The day before yesterday I consciously missed the session and yesterday was simply interrupted. But, I’m back today and counting.

I have two short term goals to achieve in next one month.

1) Better menstrual health – I’m getting my periods regular but I want to get rid of the heaviness in breast before my periods.

2) Good sleep – since lock down, my sleeping cycle got affected badly. I want to improve it by all means.

Day#5 Why I like Shavasana so much

Pain in my leg disappeared by God’s grace. I was gentle with it and found the cause of pain – an odd posture on chair with a desk without footrest. But I did not stop my movements, which is my mom’s all time favourite suggestion. So with pain gone and having better consciousness of my body, I enjoyed today’s session even more and was consistent till the end. Till that huge smile appeared again after Shavasana.

Shavasana is one of my favourite Asana because while doing it, I become aware of my body and its importance. I connect with my body in a sacred way.

And lastly an update about my friend Elixir. She started with Yogasanas yesterday and is reading blogposts and encouraging me like always…love you dearest Elixir…

Day#4 Yoga over Ragada Patties

PC: Hebbar’s Kitchen

I had this delicious dish in lunch today, after which it became a bit difficult for some time to find my stomach empty and body ready for the fitness session. During the session, I played my favourite soft music from Isha sounds and enjoyed the rhythm of reps as well the musical track. Got the old smile back that I used find at the end of Shavasana.


Today was better than yesterday. Pain persist in my right leg. Don’t know when exactly it started. Trying not to strain it.

Today’s regime

5 sets of all five pranayamas, 7 Suryanaskars, 5 sets of Baba’s 12 streches, Shavasana.

Today’s surprise element – my husband visited me right after when my yoga mat was still unrolled and we indulged into some ‘us’ time after that.


After I shared my idea with her, my bestie ‘Elixir’ expressed her wish of doing this for herself too. So, we have decided to do this together. She is an IT professional and a mother of a fast growing one year old. So here we go…


4 Surya namaskars, 2 reps Baba Ramdev’s 12 stretches followed by Shavasana, in which I fell asleep and few Pranayams to conclude the session.

My body ached today. But its a sweet pain. Continuity is the key.